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A smart and economical way to decorate; renew your interior place are the sofa throws and cushions. The sofa throws protect your sofas from the daily usage; and at the same time they constitute a useful decoration accessory, by offering comfort and simplicity. Here, you can find factory-made sofa throws at standard sizes.

Available sizes:

  • 140x180cm (suitable for armchair)

  • 180x230cm (suitable for two-seater sofa)

  • 180x270cm (suitable for triple couch)


In addition, we offer you the opportunity of customization, by selecting from a variety of fabrics either modern, vintage or classic in order to create your place exactly as you imagined. 

For a comprehensive picture of your sofas you can add decorative cushions. Here, you can find a variety of cushions particularly at the sizes of 45x45cm. If you are not satisfied with your choices, we offer you the opportunity of customization as we can prepare the cushions at any given size just by selecting the most appropriate fabric for your occasion; either modern, vintage or classic.

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