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Most popular flooring

Quick and Easy Installation. Simple to Maintain. Kid, Pet and Allergy Friendly. Affordable.


Luxurious Underfoot Experience

It provides comfort; creates a warm, cozy atmosphere suitable for winter and offers you a luxurious underfoot experience.

ELITE rapallo-597-landscape-10862.jpg

Most practical Flooring

Reliable and cost-effective flooring solution. Excellent anti-static, shock-absorbing and acoustic qualities.


Low Maintenance Expenses

Eliminates Puddling. No Grass Stains. Safe for Children and Pets. Durable / Long-lasting. 


Innovative Design

Easy to install. Competitive price. Innovative Design. Durability. Easy to Replace.


Commercial & Residential Use

Anti-slip, self-draining, antimicrobial and anti-fungal mats, offer safety on wet surfaces and reduces injury risk.

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