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High Performance Textiles (Made in Spain)

The product lines include solution dyed acrylic fabrics, PVC coated fabrics, high-tenacity polyester fabrics, and screen fabrics made out of single-yarn PVC coated polyester. 

Infinity Process
The canvases are treated with a special technological process to ensure the lasting quality of the fabric. In this process, nano-particles completely cover the surface of the fibers in the fabric, forming a permanent coat. After treatment, both the surface and the inside of the fabric are permanently protected against dirt build-up, and adverse effects of a wide variety of atmospheric agents. 
The low reactivity and high and high stability of the Infinity treatment endows long-term protection to the awning, especially against mildew, and provides excellent water and oil repellence. 

Care and Cleaning
Proper care and cleaning should be taken to ensure the life of these outdoor fabrics. 
For regular care and maintenance, excess dirt should be brushed from the fabric using a soft brush. The fabric should then be sprayed with warm water (not exceeding 40°C) and air-dried. 
Periodically, the fabric should undergo a more thorough cleaning. Again, brush fabric with a soft bristled brush, spray with warm water, then apply a gentle soap. Let stand for 10 to 20 minutes taking care not to let the fabric dry, then rinse thoroughly and air-dry. Do not use detergents and/or solvents.
When possible, make sure to leave the retractable awning in the deployed position until it is completely dried. This prevents mildew from forming.    

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