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Curtains play an essential role in interior design, adding style and setting the mood in our living spaces. They have the power to transform our homes, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. While they are often the final touch we add to our spaces, they are arguably the most crucial, as the right choice of curtains, combined with well-selected furniture, brings harmony and finesse to our surroundings.

The living room is where we spend the majority of our time, whether with family or friends. It's a space that we should design thoughtfully, aiming to evoke happiness and tranquility. Similarly, the bedroom holds a special place in our lives, offering moments of personal solace. Here, we have the opportunity to infuse our favorite colors to create an atmosphere of joy.

When it comes to children's rooms, we recommend using vibrant colors and delightful patterns, as color plays a significant role in shaping a cheerful mood.

At our showroom, you'll find a vast array of curtain choices, including a wide selection of colors, patterns, and the quality you seek.

Regardless of the style you envision for your space, our specialized consultants are here to guide you. Our collection features fabrics from top European houses, primarily sourced from Italy and Spain, with compositions mainly in cotton, polyester, and linen.


Our collection is organized into several categories: dimout fabrics, blackout fabrics, decoration fabrics, decoration light fabrics, decoration plain fabrics, and light plain fabrics. Explore the collection that best suits your needs for inspiration and discover some of the exquisite fabrics available in our showroom.

DIMOUT 01.jpg

Dimout Fabrics

Dim out Curtains, known as protection window ornaments, are normally made of 100% polyester fabric that range in fabric thickness and can obstruct between 70 to 95% of light from going into a room.  The dim out fabric are soft the touch and hangs beautifully as a standalone single panel or as an attached lining.


Blackout Fabrics

Blackout is a specially designed fabric that is made to 'block' all light from shining through the material. This fabric is different to normal stretch fabric as it has a special light absorbing material knitted into the back of it.

SARLAS 0013.jpg

Decoration Fabrics

Decoration Fabrics are carefully selected design-fabrics that are used mainly to add value to your interior décor. They are usually hanged in front of sheer, plain fabrics like voile or organza in order for its design to be emphasized and highlight the curtains' details.

SARLAS 0009.jpg

Decoration Light Fabrics 

Decoration Light Fabrics are carefully selected design-textiles covering wide range of interior styles. They are usually hanged alone on windows and balcony doors or in-front of blackout/dimout curtains or roller blinds. 

velvet curtains upholstery.jpg

Decoration Plain Fabrics 

Our collection of decoration plain fabrics is consisted of high-quality textiles that will add to your room coziness and enhance your interior design by adding value to your place.

SARLAS 2.jpg

Light Plain Fabrics 

The #1 collection of customers' demands. They are usually hanged alone, or in front of blackout/dimout curtains or roller blinds. Our collection is consisted of a wide range of fabrics covering different tastes and prices.

ΒΕ ΒΕ 3.jpg

Kids Collection

Transform your kid's room into a happy heaven, with high-quality fabrics. Our collection is consisted of a variety of inspirational colors and interesting designs. Remember, that the kid’s room is also a place for relaxation after a busy day of exploring new things.

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