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The advantages of LVT:

Easy to Install. They are available either with the "click" system, or with the gluing process; and as a result the installation procedure is faster in comparison with wood, stone or marble.

Competitive Price. In comparison with the natural flooring materials, LVT is a much more cost-effective flooring solution, bringing luxury designs to your home or to your office.

Innovative Design.  A great selection of designs that look like natural flooring, with perfect touch and finishing. 

Durability. They are made of absolutely robust materials, in order to withstand the pressure of a busy environment. They are fire and moisture resistant.   

Easy to replace. If a LVT tile gets damaged is easy to get replaced; as the tiles are sold in individual packages. You can just replace the damaged tile, instead of replacing the whole flooring, for a damage at a single spot.  


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